6 am makes for consistent workouts

According to data from Jawbone fitness trackers, 6 AM is the time when the most consistent of exercisers slot their workouts.  Yes, stuff gets in the way after 6 am!  Stuff that will derail your best intentions:  meetings that go overtime, a call from your kid’s school, an accident that has you sitting in traffic, and on it goes.  So set your alarm early and get the workout out of the way first thing in the morning. 

True, not everyone can make a 6 am workout happen but here is what you can do: schedule your workout in your calendar, with an alarm reminder, and take that appointment as seriously as you would an important doctor's appointment (or even better, as seriously as your hair color appointment!). Finding a good groove with working out takes a certain amount of frustration (a great motivator), AND commitment to self! Are you frustrated enough? Committed enough? You don't have to go all out: a short 20-minute workout is better than none! You can get a lot done in a short amount of time. Start small, work hard, and build from there. It's about consistency over time. Take your workouts seriously, you'll feel so much better having done it! And if you need motivation and guidance on how to get started, let's talk. You can contact me here